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We know that there are many choices in the industry. Many if not all seem to boast about unparalleled strength and colors that never fade. Companies realize the value of this industry and will do or say most anything to get your business. The purpose of this summary is to further educate you about your choices rather than to persuade you from overwritten sales pitches or marketing schemes. We want you to choose what is truly superior according to your own research. Our goal is to supply you with the facts and provide documentation or reasoning to support our claims. We don't want to just say we are the strongest, the most color stable or the highest percentage of solid content. We want you to discover it and realize that it is true. Quality of product and knowing that our claims are true will sell itself. We value your business and we want it because you believe Texliner Spray-In LinerT is a superior product!
Texliner Spray-In LinerT:
Spray in bed liners have become a common accessory to truck owners and the number choosing a spray in liner is increasing every year. You deserve the ability to profit from this growing industry with a product that represents the quality of work that you can deliver. Texliner Spray-In Liners. has developed a system that is custom made for you. With this system you will have the ability to install new spray in bed liners, repair damaged liners and renew faded or chalked liners.
The Texliner Clear Spray-In Liner is unique.  Because our Spray-In Liner is an epoxy, we can offer the only true clear Spray-In Liner available today.  Since there is no polyurethane or polyurea in our Spray-In Liner, we guarantee that your liner will be just as clear 20 years from now, as it is on the day the initial application is made.  Having a clear product will open up many different uses for you:  pickup beds, rocker panels, fenders, bumpers, and grills to name a few.
Texliner Spray-In LinerT is user friendly and requires only a gravity fed texture gun to apply. Surface preparation is a snap.  Simply de-wax the bed, apply our prep chemical, rinse with plain water, and spray on the Texliner Spray-In LinerT.
Texliner Spray-In LinerT enables you to offer many different surface styles to your clients.  You choose the surface desired: Slip Proof, Teflon Like Non-Skid, Anti-Stick, Smooth as Glass, Hard Non-Skid, and Rippled Non-Skid to name a few.  These surfaces are possible by using different spray techniques, and by using various aggregates we offer.
At Texliner Spray-In Liners, we take the marketing of out products very seriously. We view our dealers as partners, and invoke the highest standards from our marketing processes. Once a dealer has practiced sufficiently with the Texliner, and has sprayed the requisite demonstration bed(s), we will work with the dealer to bring in jobs.  We target new and used truck dealers, consumers who have purchased pick-up trucks in the recent past, industrial and commercials accounts, as well as attend shows and advertising in trade publications in order to secure business.  In addition, our toll free Dealer Locater phone number, 1-800-680-0422, as well as this web site, allow us to quickly match customers with authorized Texliner Spray-In LinerT Dealers throughout the country.
Other liners not only lose their color but they also become dull. Our advanced formulation enables Texliner Spray-In LinerT to retain its gloss for years to come.
Texliner Spray-In LinerT has physical properties that are 95% greater than most of its competitors. Not only are you giving the customer a liner that looks good but also it will withstand the future abuse from your customers.
The average retail price for a spray in Spray-In Liner can be anywhere between $450 to $600 depending on the size of the truck bed, custom work being done, and the specified thickness. Other factors such as competition, and location will either increase or decrease your profit margins depending on your targeted marketshare. All costs per vehicle will vary and are determined by each dealer's demographics.

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